The social learning game that engages players in world news.


Drafting Countries

Using our drafting map interface, players take turns selecting the countries they think will be the most active in world news.

How it works draft

Scoring System

Every day we add points to every country based on data from the New York Times and the GDELT Project. Points are given for each article in the New York Times related to a country and based on the 'Goldstein Tone' generated from the GDELT Project. Players can check their score and other player's scores using our Rankings pages.

How it works rankings

League Dashboard

Our dashboard provides quick access to the activity of other players, a message board for communication, a news feed of the latest articles, and the top ranking countries and players.

How it works dashboard

Trading Countries

Players can use our map interface to trade countries with other players.

How it works map

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Built Responsively

Flexible and modern UI that allows for commissioners and players to play Fantasy Geopolitics on any device they want. Desktop, tablet, or phone.

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"Fantasy Geopolitics allowed me to assume my students actually knew what was happening in the world, so I was then able to scaffold and build upon those realities more efficiently in my other classes."
- Eric high school Civics teacher
"I was most engaged in class with Fantasy Geopolitics. It gave me knowledge about other countries and the United States and having it be a fun competition pushed me to do my best."
- Ty 9th grader